Modern Standards – Animation project

The goal of the video is to portray the influence that the network has on girls. The video shows how social media can negative

Poster Collection – Vol. I

Series of posters designed on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. All photographs were taken by me and the 3D rendering in

3D Rendering Collection – Vol. II

A collection of 3D renderings made between June and July 2020. Made on Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop. Find more on https

Cover art collection – Vol. I

Collection of alternative cover designs. Made on Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.

Vaporwave collages

A series of collages celebrating vaporwave culture.

Postcards design

A series of postcards that portray a sense of freedom, joy and energy. Made on Maxon Cinema 4D

Fluid texture posters

A series of expolorations about textures, typography and layout. Inspired by some of my favourite songs and a very trippy movi


A series of limited edition beer cans, inspired by the most famous portraits in art history.

3D Rendering Collection – Vol. I

A collection of 3D renderings made between June and July 2020. Made on Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.

Spread Creativity

Guerrilla marketing project aiming to promote ourselves as designers and get contacts for future jobs.

Set design

These pictures come from a series of fictional set designs that I realized for a hypothetical campaign for Sephora.

Personal branding

This is my personal business card, I wanted it to be eye-catching, colorful and trippy, so I decided to focus on the use

Sephora commercial

This is a conceptual advertisement video for the well known make-up brand Sephora. I used the predominant colours in Sephora&#

Girl Band

Animation concept focused on scenography and movement.

Looping videos

Short looping videos celebrating music Made on Cinema4D

Angry gestures

Experiment with color, textures and movement on Cinema4D.

After party

This series of 3D illustrations portray ordinary life scenes, such as a post-human looking girl waking up after a party


Music animation video Combining sound, colour and animation on Cinema4D. Music: Echoes by Pink Floyd