Here’s my CV!

Just in case you wanted to learn more about me

Plus 5 very good reasons to hire me

  1. I have a wide range of skills including graphic design, basic coding, animation, photography, 3D art, web design, illustration
  2. I am very fluent in English (IELTS 8.0) and I can also speak Italian and Spanish (Italian is my native tongue)
  3. I am a perfectionist and every project I make is curated in every little detail
  4. I have a BA Degree in Graphic Design (GPA 3.7) and I completed my MA in Digital Media (Goldsmiths, UoL)
  5. I am extremely responsible and I have excellent time management skills: no deadline will be missed. Plus, I am proactive, willing to collaborate with teams and always curious to experiment and pick new skills.